DotA 2

Fan art of DotA 2 characters

Year: 2013+
Tools: Paint Tool SAI

Played a decent amount of DotA 2 from 2012 - 2014.
Below are some illustrations of the characters.

Anti-mage making sure Invoker doesn't have any fun

Ancient Apparition with a snow cone (he is pleased)

Bane karaoke

Bounty Hunter with his Desolators

Old Zeus carrying Clarities (Mario Zeus was better)

Shadow Shaman playing with one of his pet serpents

Ancient Apparition but it's some anime girl or something

Anti-Made but cute

Abbadon, once again as a girl

Alchemist where Alchemist is a girl and the Scientist guy is a cat

Bat Rider. This one made it on some Russian print site I was proud of that

Valentines card with Bounty Hunter

Death Prophet


More Meepo

Skeletons with party hats


Happy Ursa