Dream in Plastic

Poppy drawings done centered around Posca markers

Year: Sep 2023
Tools: Posca 1.8~2.5mm, Poster Color Paint, Watercolor

Posca markers are thick inky markers that leave a consistent solid color once dry
They can be used on most surfaces and are fun to work with

The theme leaned towards a hip-hop theme, as I wanted to try graffiti text




Had some black and red paint left over on my plate (I eat and paint from the same plates for increased poison resistance) so used them on a piece of paper
This is what made me buy Poscas in the first place, because I thought it would be cool if I drew a figure on top of it
Draft is here




The first attempt at graffiti text
I think what you have to do is not  have any parallel lines at all, which I am bad at
The shading is also random and off




boiling frog

they speak all tangled up




Am proud of this one. The process I use is invalid since I draw the text normally, and then I have to go back and re-draw all parallel lines
Tough bar is cool




tourist in paradise

a boy and his friends in high spirits




Messed this one up a lot so don't like it but the pencil drawing of it was good