ink slave

Daily drawings for Inktober 2023, where I'm always 5 days behind

Year: Oct 2023
Tools: Paint Tool SAI

Prompt list for the 31 days is here


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1. Sacrifice



2. Hide



3. Companion



4. Depth



5. Suffocation



6. Forbidden Spell



7. Your Mother


she is a good person


8. Psychedelic


don't know anything about this so i made a series of orderly patterns
I said he looks like he's lost in a wallpaper store


9. Mushroom



10. Wounded



11. Rusted



12. Tasty


being god must be really hard, because it takes so much time to make all these small things and it can come out so imperfect
and all you can really do is forgive yourself
that's what i thought while I was drawing the flowers
(i think the flowers turned out really well)


13. Journey



14. Growth



15. Split



16. Deceptive



17. Memory


i flicked the line across his face when I heard something surprising because I react to things too physically


18. Festering


"mmnmnmnm yes milo"


19. Nature


wip1, wip2


20. Inside



21. Ancient Automaton



22. Isolated



23. Leakage



24. Looming



25. Iridescent



26. Decay



27. Folklore



28. Golden, 29. Eldritch, 30. Rebirth




31. End