MMO Concept

Year: July 2019
Tools: Pen, Paint Tool SAI

While I would never be able to produce a MMO,
It's a topic I think a lot of people who grew up playing MMOs likes to theorycraft for.
And this page is just that - coming up with a concept for a MMO for fun.

It's influenced by MapleStory, Spirit Tales, Runescape, ArcheAge, Neopets, and probably a plethora of other low-quality Asian MMOs I've played throughout my life.

The game is by no means unique, and I swear that's intentional.
I find great comfort in the familiar format that game companies regurgitate.
The fantasy settings, the gringing dull kill quests on trash mobs, the typical biomes.

The game's main theme is curry and mushrooms.
Because both those things are pretty great.

Below are some drawings of some of the trash mobs in this theoretical game.




Mage (don't kill him he's not a monster)

Popp he looks so funny I smile when I see him







Asian-styled MMOs will always hold a special place in my heart.