Month of Stufful

Various drawings of the Pokemon called Stufful and his evolution every day for a month.

Year: September 2022
Software: Paint Tool SAI

Many of the first drawings are derived from other trendy internet images.
Below each image is the description.

26kb Stufful

Parody of the Thinking Pug photo

Parody of the Man Sweating illustration

Parody of cartoon bear reading

Parody of cartoon man

A Bewear in a maid costume serving you refreshments

A stufful watching something in flames

Requested parody of Possum Stepping photo

Bewear and Stufful sleeping in a tree

A Stufful pattern. I quite like this one.

Two Stuffuls resting inside a Shuckle

Abandoned Stufful. A photo of a rainy street was used as reference.

A sick girl resting with her Stufful and Bewear merchandise.
It is 1PM in the picture.
There is a before and after which I painted over when doing this page.

Stufful with a Stufful plushie

Stuffyl drawn digitally in a traditional painting style (attempted)

A picture of Stufful in a hoodie which is too big for him

Stufful Moods

Stufful and Bewear in a minimalist scribble style. This one is my favorite.

Mecha Stufful drawn rather poorly

Two stuffuls hugging

One stufful not looking so hugging

A Stufful syndicate

Stufful who drank all the milk

Parody of "Everything is Fine"

Parody of that one terrible trend with the cat ears

Cyprus or whoever it was, resting with Stufful

A crying Stufful

Gaming Stufful and Bewear

Parody of a Possum plush photo.
Only the foreground was drawn, the background is a screenshot of the game

And finally a tragic Stufful story:

This was an interesting experiment since no style had to be enforced.
Usually I have difficulty with keeping a consistent output when it comes to drawing style and it usually deters me from continuing.
It has been an aspect I do not like about my output.
To feel that there is potential for something decent within yourself but to never be able to execute on it properly.

But it is not all bad,
It can be useful since certain styles are better for certain situations.
Mostly when creating joke images.