Old Parsley Plaza

Parsley Plaza was a MapleStory fansite I would frequent in my teenage years in 2010.

Year: 2010
Software: Paint Tool SAI

No one really did comics then, so a lot of people got to know me as the comic guy on the site.
Below are three comics, completely nonsensical outside the context of course.

Comic 1
Comic 2
Comic 3
Comic 4

The 4th one was for an official competition, which got first place.
The reward was $100 worth of in-game cash, which was great considering I was too poor to spend money on these things.

There was a thread I made for people to request quick drawings, and I was able to do 150+ of them.
Here are a few which I like in particular:

Even within one thread, it seems like I cannot keep to one style.

Some others I did of friends and other fellow artists: