Parsley Plaza

Parsley Plaza was a MapleStory fansite I would frequent in my teenage years in 2010.

Year: 2011
Software: Paint Tool SAI

Out of the big-three fansite communities for MapleStory back then, PP was one which showcased media the most.
The others were more focused on forums; on guides and other game discussions.
And so a lot of people who did fan art for MapleStory would post on PP.
I was one of them.
I enjoyed drawing comics and characters of friends and strangers.
It was a fun time.

This was my character:

In 2011 I did a series on the monsters of MapleStory:

Overall, my art in the technical sense has not improved in these last 12 years.
There was improvement, but not "12 years" worth of it. It's 2 months at most.
It is interesting having gone through so many styles,
I feel like I wouldn't be able to recreate most of them, so it's almost like I admire some of them as if it was done by another person.
But I suppose that the self 12 years ago was basically a different person anyway.

In 2017, I went back to do two more:

This one came with a progress GIF!

I was very lucky to have been able to share what I drew,
and for it to be received in such a encouraging, positive manner.
I do miss the feeling of a semi-closed community like this, where you have your regulars and you get to know people just by seeing their submissions over the years.
There was another forum I took part in more than PP, but that can be another post.
This post will conclude with the image that I was proudest of back then.
It is titled "Photobomb".