Pixel Brush

Digital drawings made using a binary brush.

Year: August 2020
Tools: Aseprite, Paint Tool SAI

Sometimes drawings are done in a binary brush.
Binary brushes can give a satisfying crisp feeling with some nostalgia.
It also is a good test in your ability to product simple symbols that actually look like "things", since you are limited to less pixels.

Magician girl with her cat

Corporate office level where you defeat the COOs

RPG girl with plant monster

A dog in a crashed car

Creatures. Later used in "water ballon" game in Ratsnet

Another creature. Later used as a pet in Ratsnet

A comfortable knight, drawn for a friend

A birthday animation for a friend


Me and my friend

Raccoon crowned

An unannounced hug

A Kangaroo mother and his slightly paranoid son

An icident at the cinema

A guy with a weapon

An attempt at using more colors

A horrid attempt at using other colors.
This was the first draft of mushroom game, before I decided he was a mushroom.

A knight

A GIF process of a thatched-roof house

A GIF process of a tree

A GIF proces of another tree