Risk of Rain 2

Digital illustrations of Risk of Rain 2 characters

Year: March 2021
Tools: Paint Tool SAI

Risk of Rain 2 a game with a great visual style, sound design with some well thought-out mechanics that keep the game highly replayable.
It is one of my favorite non-Asian-MMO video games.

The first two drawings were done using a bitmap brush of cripst lines, then a noisy brush for the others.


Engineer 2


Tougher Times and Dio's Best Friend hugging

Yet another Engineer (I used to play a lot of Engineer)

A loving Greater Wisp

A loving Wisp. His love is as great as that of the Greater Wisp.

As RoR2 characters are already minimalistic in design, which actually makes drawing them more difficult for me.
You have less to work with and the likeness is very sensitive to alterations/styles.
The color carries the drawing in being able to recognize characters, though.