A series of watercolors, mostly of girls and their hands.

Year: January 2022
Tools: Watercolor, Fine liner, Color Pencils, Markers

2022 was when I noticed that I hadn't really taken up the challenge of trying to draw in the physical realm.
All prior drawings had been digital.
With my unintentionally stolen watercolor set from my high school, I started trying out drawing on paper.

I find girls faces and hands to be most enjoyable to draw.
That is why most are of girls and hands.

It doesn't take long to realize the sense of not being able to "undo" like in digital.
This is a good thing. It builds confidence as you must live with your actions.

With absolutely no sense of color justice, I chose to be free in mixing whatever ugly colors.

The above picture was inspired from a light pattern on my ceiling on a particular night.

The process is usually:

  1. Pencil draft on paper
  2. Tape around the paper to act as a white border
  3. Background watercolor
  4. Hair watercolor
  5. Black fineliner
  6. Color pencils for face, fingers
  7. Background watercolor (darker)
  8. Color pencils for around head
  9. Grey marker around 1 hand
  10. White pen

And then I later found that you didn't have to be limited to using brushes.
I started using fingers and palms to stamp color and texture onto paintings.

Most of them have a high degree of sentimentality attached to them.
I did try painting when I wasn't feeling that bad, but they turned out to not be so good.
Those are below.

2023-04-02 : share your life

2023-04-03 : myah

And here's one of the first watercolors I did in the series,
It's Saturn if Saturn was a rabbit.